HRM - Human Resource Management

HRM modules consist of:

  1. Leave types & Leaves.
  2. Attendance
  3. Payroll
  4. Holiday
  5. & related settings

Leave types

  1. Only admin can manage leave type (add or edit)
  2. Fields:
    1. Leave Type: Enter the name of the type of leave.
    2. Max leave counts: Maximum number of leaves allowed for the leave type.
    3. Leave count interval: This can be “Current month” or “Current financial year” or “None”. It is the interval for the maximum leave counts.

For example: If employees can take 12 Sick Leave in 1 year, then:
Leave Type = “Sick Leave”
Max leave counts = 12
Leave count interval = “Current financial year”



Leave Management (watch Video)

    1. Add leave: Leave Type(dropdown list), Start Date, End Date, Leave type, Reason (text area)
    2. Default status of a leave added is pending
    3. Admin can change the status: status(pending, canceled, approved) by clicking on leave status column button.
    4. Inbuilt app Notification will be sent to admin when a new leave it added.
    5. Inbuilt app Notification will be sent to the applied user when the status is changed by admin.
    6. Only an admin can delete a leave.
    7. Reference no. Will be generated automatically for every leave to uniquely identify them. You can change the reference no prefix from HRM -> Settings (Leave Reference No. prefix)
    8. Leave Instructions: You can enter special instruction for users before applying for leaves from settings “Leave Instructions” field.

Leaves Summary for a user

  1. For admin: Admin can view leave summary of all other users. On leave's page, filter by an employee name, and it will show the summery in the bottom of the page.
  2. For Users: Always visible to a user, his/her summary.

Attendance by admin & other users

  1. Users can add their own attendance, admin can add the attendance of every user.
  2. Attendance fields for admin: Employee, Date, IP address(auto get the user’s IP address), note, clock_in_time, clock_out_time.
  3. Attendance by non-admin users: Users can add their own attendance by clicking on the “Clock In” button present in the top navigation bar and clock-in, adding a note. And click on the “Clock Out” button before leaving the workplace for checkout and adding a clock-out note.
  4. Total work hours will be displayed when the admin selects a particular user, and it is always visible to a non-admin user.
  5. If the admin wants to add attendance for users & don’t want the user to add their attendance, then it can be disabled by unchecking “Allow users to enter their own attendance”

Getting users location in attendance:

When a user/employee clock’s-in, the system can save the user’s location from which he/she has put attendance.

NOTE: For the location to work, your website must be HTTPS

  1. Enabling Location:
      1. Go to HRM -> Settings -> Attendance Tab.
      2. Check the “Is Location Required?” checkbox & save it
  2. Check the below screenshot for locations when adding clock-in

Shift management:

Please watch the below view demonstration for details of attendance & shift management.


  1. Only admin can add payroll & other users can view only their own payroll.
  2. Reference no. will be generated for Payroll. You can change the Payroll Reference No. prefix from settings.

Adding Payroll

    1. For adding payroll, click on Add button in payroll menu.
    2. Select Employee and the month/year of payroll.
    3. If any existing payroll for the period, then it will be shown for editing or new payroll can be added.

  1. Fields:
    1. Total work duration: Duration of work will be auto-calculated based on attendance
    2. Duration Unit: Unit of work like month/hour/week or other.
    3. Amount per unit duration: Price per duration.
    4. Total: Total work duration x Amount per unit duration
    5. Allowances: add as many allowances you have for the employee. Allowances will be added in final payroll.
    6. Deductions: add deductions for the employee. Deductions will be subtracted in final payroll.
  2. Gross amount = Total + Sum of Allowances – Sum of Deductions
  3. Inbuilt app Notification will be sent to the user when payroll is added.


  1. Only admin can add holiday.
  2. Other users can view holidays applicable for their location.

Adding Holidays

Fields: Name, Start Date, End Date, Business Location, Note

Permission & Settings for management for HRM

Approve Leave:

By default, only an admin can approve leave added by other users. But you can assign the Approval leave permission to any other role & assign it to a user. A user having approve leave will be able to approve leaves added by other users.

Allow users to enter their own attendance:

You will find this option in HRM -> Settings -> HRM tab. If enabled, other users will be able to enter their own attendance and vice-versa

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